Monday, March 27, 2017

Louisiana Trip: Day 4 {March 2017}

Phew! On to day 4 of our adventures with PawPaw! 

Everyone was up early and ready to move and then everyone wanted to rest after breakfast. :) 

We let Maddox take a short little nap and then we headed to Amite for the Oyster Festival Parade! Family picture time: 

Well, it was a nice effort anyway...:) 

Daddy and Little Bit ready for the parade! 

Love my Momma! 

Even a parade doesn't stop milk time. :) 

Silly goose...he waved at everyone one he could! 

This was my full circle moment. I used to stand with my momma at these parades and she'd embarrass me by dancing to the bands etc. Now, she's standing with my boy and he was having a blast. I was also the momma standing beside her child dancing like crazy except Mason couldn't have cared less. I love that about him! 

Cool dude waiting on the next float! 

He waved to everyone...even the girls who dropped it like it was hot in front of him...hahaha! 

Love him! 

On the way back to PawPaw's, we stopped at DG for something for him and I picked up this ball for Mason! 

Back at PawPaw's, Maddox got some lunch and Mason played while PawPaw finished boiling the crawfish. 


Dad saved a few live ones for Mason to play with and then release the next day. Spike guarded them. ;-)

Maddox LOVED the dogs!! 

And the orange PawPaw saved for him! 

Mason, too! 

Then, Mason did something that I did as a kid. He ate pure butter. Oh boy. And I know the picture is gross but I had to document. 

The crawfish were eaten. Most everyone was asleep or headed that way and I realized I was sunburned. :) 

My napping buddy. He fell asleep and I headed that way, too. Mason, Matt and PawPaw all napped, too! 

After nap and a snack, we all headed outside. We drug the port-a-crib outside and Maddox had a blast! 

Mason did, too! 

Apparently playing means ya need to rest! 

One of Dad's friends and his family came over and Mason and Addy played and ended the night with a hug! Sweet stuff. 

It was a good day and we rested up that night for one more with our PawPaw! 

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