Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mason is Growing up!

Last week, Mason had appointments for two things that he has not really loved in the past, a haircut and a dentist visit. I tried to talk to him as much as possible about those two events and really tell him about how brave he is, etc. We left early Monday morning to run an errand before his dentist appointment and on our way, we saw the fire station was doing some things so we stopped to check it out. 

We spied on them for nearly 15 minutes and Mason was enamored! 


We arrived at the dentist about 15 minutes early so Mason could adjust to being there and he played with two little boys while we waited. 

He blew my mind with how brave he was!! He didn't make one fuss while they cleaned his teeth, x-rayed them and put the protective coating on them. He earned himself some stickers from the hygienist. We were all so proud of him! 

He got a reward of a Happy Meal and McDonalds playtime after. 

The next day, another big event happened...haircut day! Again, we talked about it for several days before and I've been preparing him by drying his hair at home, etc. 

He took a second to warm up but then he didn't flinch the rest of the time. He ate his M&Ms and watched a show and let Kari cut his hair. We were so proud once again! 




Yay for things once feared being welcomed with ease. I'm SO proud of you, Mason! 

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