Monday, March 27, 2017

Louisiana Trip: Day 5 & 6 {March 2017}

On Sunday we decided to let PawPaw rest a little bit since we'd been getting him up so early in the morning. So we headed for donuts and a quick diner breakfast. 

That obviously made us happy! 

After breakfast we woke up PawPaw and then we preceded to lounge some more. I mean, why wouldn't we? 

TV time requires snacks. :) 

Little brother joined in! 

After a yummy brunch/lunch of a crawfish tail egg scramble with hash browns, the guys went on an adventure. Well, three of them did. Crawfish were released. Frogs were caught and so were turtles!! 




And this doesn't have anything to do with anything but I love this guy's eyelashes! 

GiGi came to tell us good-bye and drop off road trip snacks. Once Maddox got up from nap, we gave him his first chocolate chip cookie!!


Pretty sure he liked it!! 

"More DaDa!!" 

We enjoyed a nice little walk outside and I made Mason a flower necklace. :) 

Picture proof of the turtle mentioned above. Mason wanted to keep him but it just wasn't feasible. Maybe next time! 


Mason and Matt enjoyed him so much!! 

Silly boy with his PawPaw. 

Love em! 

We finished the evening with Raising Cane's and packing up things so we could head out early Monday morning. 

Monday morning: first things first. 

One last picture with PawPaw before we left. 

Ready to go. Mason was straight chill. 

Sweet boy fought that nap! See that tear? 


The trip was pretty uneventful with a couple of stops for lunch and gas. 
Thankfully milk bottles, snacks and toys made them happy for most of the time! 

We hit some traffic about 10 miles from home but we all survived, got home and unpacked, returned the rental car and finished the night with Waffle House. It was such a great trip! 

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