Thursday, March 9, 2017

Open Letters {27}

Dear Sublime Donuts,

You will always have our hearts. And we will always heart your donuts. Thanks for always treating us well!


Your People

Dear Consignment Sales, 

I am so glad you are back!! Twice a year isn't enough for me!


Bargain Shopper

Dear Matt, 

This week you went to your grandparents to mow and trim their grass. I love that you serve others so well. 


Your  Bride

Dear Ingles, 

I still cannot quit your manager specials. Oh my goodness. I'm hooked. 


Manager Special Addict

Dear GiGi, 

Thank you for letting us go on several dates while you are in town. You rock!


Your daughter

Dear Mason, 

Lately, I've been incredibly proud of you one minute and incredibly frustrated with you the next minute. Apparently, this is three. And I love you always no matter what. 

Love you, 


Dear Maddox, 

You are growing so fast. 9 Months this week! Sleep a little later in the mornings, please? Thanks. ;-)



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