Friday, March 31, 2017

What I Learned {March 2017}

1. I never need to drive a vehicle without cruise control on the interstate.
Matt's truck does not have cruise control and I drove it earlier this month to pick my mom up at the Atlanta airport. The whole trip I was going between 60 and 80. I need cruise control. Always and forever.

2. I love when my Momma visits. 
Yeah, I didn't learn that this month but my mom's 10 day visit earlier this month was the best one we've ever had, in my opinion, and I'm so grateful she gets to come as often as she does and stay as long as she does. 

3. Kids who travel well are awesome!
Both of our boys travel incredibly well and I'm so grateful. Our closest family is 5 hours away and the furthest is 12 so having kids who travel well is the best. 

4. Planning a family vacation is time consuming but so fun!
Until now, most of our travel has been to visit family and while that is so awesome and we are grateful that we get to do that, we recognize that we need family trips just the four of us. This summer, we are taking a trip to several places and it's been so fun to plan!

5. Celebrating Matt's birthday gets more and more fun! 
As the boys get older and understand birthdays more and more, it's so much fun to celebrate one with them. They LOVED celebrating GiGi's birthday while she visited but I think they took Dad's birthday to a whole other level. Mason sang to him for about a week. So much fun! And according to Mason, Matt turned "8 Months Old". 

6. Waffle House is good and I'm not sure why we don't visit more often. 
We've probably been to Waffle House a handful of times and been pleased but we just don't visit often. We went twice in one week this month (once while traveling and once for Matt's birthday) and a love has been rekindled. :) 


  1. Love these! I, too, need cruise on the interstate because when I get lost in a song, I can start speeding like nobody's business!! The more intense the song gets, the faster I go!

    I am SO excited for your vacation! And the recap of it! :)

    And a happy belated birthday to Matt!

    1. We are finding more similarities between the two of us daily. :)

      Matt said Thank you! He had a great one! :)