Thursday, March 30, 2017

Matt's Birthday {31}

The 26th of March has come and gone and we have celebrated Matt WELL! It all started Saturday. We had a yummy breakfast at home and then that night, we headed out for a pizza dinner at Brickhouse Pizza. Maddox was quite anxious for pizza! 

We ordered garlic cheese bread, bacon cheeseburger pizza, and Bronx bomber pizza. It was kids eat free night so Mason also got a personal pepperoni pizza. While we waited, these guys read a magazine. 

And this guy banged on the table for food. :) 

YUM!!! This cheese bread was awesome! 

BOGO pizzas with a coupon so we lived it up. haha! 

Happy birthday boy! 

Two out of four Morgans was too busy eating to stop for a picture. :) 

This kid went to TOWN! 


We ate until we were all stuffed and still brought home two boxes of leftovers! 
Our attempts at a family pictures were a complete riot! 

We needed to walk some after dinner so we headed to Olllies to browse. We found a few cheap activity items for our upcoming family trip. 
And we had some fun along the way. :) 

A worn out little boy with his Daddy. He LOVED celebrating! 

We came home and the little ones put pjs on before we sang Happy Birthday and ate some pie! :) These three shared a lemon meringue piece and they all approved! 

After we put the boys in bed, I ate my pie and we watched Person of Interest. It was a good night. 
Sunday morning, Mason couldn't wait to give Matt his presents...thin mints, a children's book, two shirts and some other little things. :) 

We ate leftover donuts for breakfast and Matt approved of that for sure! Mason insisted on a stack of them for Matt. :) 

Before church, I found Mason like this and it melted my heart. He truly loves books! 

My main squeeze/the birthday boy and I were ready for church! 

Maddox is still resisting naps in the nursery and his nose was running a bit so I kept him in the mother's room. We are REALLY hoping to get him into Wonderway consistently SOON!! 

We had to run into Target for a few necessities and Mason helped out double time! 

After church, we came home for leftover pizza and then we all rested. It was the perfect day for resting! 
Oops, forgot the picture before we ate it! 


We went to the library to pick up a movie and Mason played a little bit. 

Our next stop was Waffle House! It was empty, the food was delicious and the boys were in hog heaven!! 

We came home, facetimed with Matt's parents and then watched Inside Out. It was such a cute movie. While we watched, Maddox did yoga. :) 

We decided last year to try to all be off together on our birthdays and since Matt's was on a Sunday, he took Monday off. 
We headed to H&M to get a shirt I had seen for Mason. I'm putting it away for Christmas. Meanwhile, Maddox was straight chill. 

We ended our restaurant rendezvous with a BBQ place called Bubba's. It was delicious and we hope to try it again some day! 
We all shared a smoked chicken plate and a pulled pork plate. YUM! 

We also shared dessert because why wouldn't we?? 

We had enough time when we got home to play outside before nap. Maddox ate leaves while the rest of us ran around playing ball! 




Monday evening continued the fun with a trip to Grandmom and Granddad's new house. We planned to visit and they invited us to dinner for Matt's birthday, too. It was just right! 
We got to play with this cool drum and ended up getting to take it home! Love my little drummer boys! 


Mason and Matt went outside to explore and Maddox and Grandmom played peekaboo! 

We enjoyed yummy roast and vegetables and then delicious birthday dessert but not until we sang Happy Birthday one more time! 

Maddox was worn slap OUT from all of the celebrating! (Forgive me, bud, for this bad angle.) :) 

We enjoyed the weekend of celebrating! Up next for us is Maddox! 

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