Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 9}

Another week has come and gone. Let's see what we had going on. I had to pick up something Sunday and Mason rode with me. He was a good riding buddying he looked so handsome I had to snap a picture. 

Sunday evening, Grandmom and Granddad came over for a visit and Maddox was trying to figure them out. :) 

We enjoyed breakfast for dinner with them, watched a tiny bit of the race on TV and just enjoyed some good company.

After Grandom and Granddad went home, we got the boys ready for bed and I headed to an Oscars party with a few other moms. It was a good night for sure!

Monday morning started with snuggles in bed. The best way it could have started!

After Matt headed to work, we just had some chill time and Mason played by himself for a while. I caught him reading it Maddox's crib. So sweet.

Little bit played some, too, after he got up from his morning nap.

While Maddox took his evening nap, Mason and I had a little dance party in the living room. We didn't let the fact that it wasn't dark yet deter our glow stick game!

Matt got home around 6:15 and he got some Mason time while I snuggled my little bit! 

Tuesday was speech day but Mason threw up shortly after breakfast so we didn't go. He didn't end up throwing up again but I didn't want to risk it. So, he got a bath and put on his new Paw Patrol shirt and we read and played.

When it was time to get Maddox up from his nap, Mason was so sweet and climbed in with him.

Then it was bath time for Maddox. I think one day they will take baths well together but right now it's more of a struggle for us so we just let them bathe separately.

I headed to work that afternoon and Matt sent me this picture. Apparently Maddox couldn't decide if he wanted to be awake or not. haha!

He perked up a bit with his bottle.

And then he got to playing and was as good as new!

AND then he blew out a diaper just for daddy!! haha!

(gah, look how cute he is!!)


Happiest of boys...

Wednesday morning I did something Mason has been begging me to do for a while and I cleaned out the floor of their closet and let them play in there. He was so excited!!


That day was beautiful so we went outside later that morning for some digging.

This goof kept going under the table and bumping his head and laughing...(hmmm, maybe that's why he has a knot on his head that I didn't feel before???)

Before nap, Mason said, "I want to snuggle you all night." So I snuggled him a good long while. 

And he fixed my hair. :)

Maddox is teething like crazy. So his thumb is his friend.

We didn't make it to storytime that afternoon so Mason read to Maddox instead. :)

Thursday I watched the live stream of a funeral of a young mom who passed away from cancer. It was sobering for sure.

I also wrote Mason his 70th letter!! 

Goofy guy! One sock on and one sock off and now I STILL can't find that second sock!!!

When I headed to work, Matt and the boys went to Hatcher Garden. 

Mason made soup...

...and helped feed Maddox...

...and cut his veggies for him...

...and did some baby wearing...


Friday morning, Maddox had a bath and this cracked me up!!!

My big helper!

And then I surprised the boys with a quick library trip and a Mcdonald's Happy Meal.


More playing and resting on a Friday afternoon...

Peek-A-Boo brother!! 

Car watching is FUN! 

A little home maintenance...

Happy little bit eating while Big bit played.

Saturday morning, I headed to pick up GiGi from the airport and Mason watched me go! Matt hung with the boys and took them to bitty ball and then I came back with GiGi!

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