Monday, May 5, 2014

Louisiana Trip {April 2014} Day 1

On Wednesday, April 23rd, Mason and I set out for a little adventure--a 12 hour road trip! Let me back up for a minute. We have had a trip planned to Louisiana during the last week in April for about three months. On the Monday before we were set to leave, Matt got somewhat sick (more to come on that in a later post). Because he wasn't able to travel, we decided that he would stay home and Mason and I would make the trip together. 

We considered canceling the trip but that would mean most of my family wouldn't see Mason for nearly 7 months and that just wasn't going to work! It was a hard decision because it would be the first time Matt and I had spent apart since we were married and the first time Mason would be away from Dad. Given that the "sickness" Matt had was contagious, we knew it was the right choice.

Mason and I got on the road about 7:30 that morning. Here were are saying good-bye. There were a few tears! 

During the trip, I would use the camera on my phone to see if Mason was asleep or not. I'm so creative. ;-)


We stopped just outside of Atlanta for me to feed him and then, I got to CRUISE through Atlanta! That rarely happens! 

 Sweet sweet boy! Y'all, he was the BEST car traveller for this trip! 


We hit a few pockets of slowed traffic from road work. This is how I felt about that! 

We stopped in Montgomery and hoped to not stop again until Mobile but this sweetie was tired from the car so we stopped in Atmore at Hardee's. It was a pleasant stop with a sweet older gentleman admiring Mason and loads of nice workers helping me! :)

He even got a diaper change on the table at Hardee's. Are there no restaurants with changing tables?!?

We made it to Louisiana!!

Then, we got stuck in stopped traffic, so...we FaceTimed with Daddy! Look at that smile on MMM's face. Think he wasn't glad to see Dad??

We made it to my Dad and step-mom's around 6:30 central. After 12 hours in the car, this sight made it all worth it! 

Worn out little guy! 

And just for fun, a video of Mason talking in the car. 

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