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Smart Money Smart Kids - Raising the Next Generation to Win with Money {A Book Review}

* I received this book from BookLook in exchange for my review.**

Since Matt and I are just starting our family, we are highly motivated to pass along good things to our child(ren). Before we were married, we read The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey and it just reinforced so much of what we had already discussed as far as how to spend, save and give money as a couple. That book encourages getting out of debt, spending cash and not on credit, and it encourages saving and giving.

In the first 2 1/2 years of our marriage, we saved as much as we could to prepare for children but we also worked crazy hard to pay of the remainder of Matt's student loans from college. That taught us several things. First, the average person can live on way less than they think they can including us! Second, student loans SUCK! Third, we wanted to do things differently financially from that point forward.

When I saw this book for review, I jumped on it immediately hoping it would be an excellent guide and resource to teach Mason and any other future Morgan children how to best manage money and hopefully avoid mistakes that Matt and I have made, some by choice and others not.

Rachel Cruze and Dave Ramsey, her dad, both wrote Smart Money Smart Kids. This book is separated into sections including Work: It's NOT a four-letter word, Spend: When It's Gone, It's Gone, Save: Wait for It, Give: It's not Yours Anyway and several more chapters designed to help families or all shapes and sizes to teach good stewardship to their children.

I loved the way this book is written. The points are straight forward and relatable as well as understandable to the average person who doesn't have an accounting degree! Rachel and Dave discuss finding the balance between teaching your children about how to manage money well and how to given grace to your children in those areas as well.

The author duo offers so much information about ways to save as adults as well as ways for children to save for big ticket items such as cars and college as well as small items and what it means to set financial goals.

I love the focus on remaining out of debt at all times. This goes against so much of what the world is teaching right now but it doesn't go against what Matt and I currently believe and know in our hearts is right for us.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to teach their children about money and in the process, learn more money management for themselves too!

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