Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mason: 6 Months + Photos + Videos


(Top six pictures taken on 5/1 before MD appt; others taken on 5/8; All by Photography by Matthew Morgan aka Mason's Daddy)

Weight: 19 pounds, 8 ounces; 85th percentile

Height: 27 inches; 75th percentile

Head Circumference: 17 1/2 inches; 75th percentile

Nicknames: Chugs, Chuggas, Buttahs, BubBubs, Buggas, Mase Mase or Mase, Stink Pot

Formula: 32-34 ounces over the course of the day; Feedings every 4 hours, 4 times a day; 

Solids: We started solids on 4/4/14 with oatmeal. Mason LOVED oatmeal and we have tried applesauce (4/17), bananas (4/20) and carrots on (4/24), a dab of ketchup (5/1); When food gets close to Mason's mouth, he immediately opens and takes it! We plan to try sweet potatoes and avocados soon!

Sleeping: Mason is still a GREAT sleeper thanks to sleep training!  He sleeps 7:30-7:00 each night. He naps 9-11am, 1-3pm, and 5-5:45pm.


Diapers: We are still loving our cloth diapers at home and for brief trips out of the house. At night time, Mason is wearing size 4 Pampers Baby Dry diapers and still leaking. Hopefully, we figure that out soon! For when he wears disposables during the day, he is wearing LUVS size 4.

Clothes: Mason can wear some of his 6 month clothes still but he is in mostly 9 month now.

Social: Mason smiles at nearly everyone he meets. He is such a happy guy. He is laughing all of the time now and it doesn't have to be related to us tickling him etc. Sometimes, he just laughs! He will allow most anyone in our family and our friend group to hold him. I don't know how long that will last but it's fun now! He is also very observant of his surroundings and loves to look at people at restaurants, stores, etc. 


New/Fun things for this month: 
Mason found his bird on his jumperro (his new BFF).
Mason is grabbing items with his hands consistently now. He passes toys between hands now and he looks at his hands now like "what do these things do?" 
Mason rolled from back to belly on 4/7. He was in his crib and Matt and I went in together and he was rolling over. It was so sweet and special! 
MMM found his toes and put to his mouth on 4/17 while in the tub. So funny! 
Mason's first Easter was on 4/19 and 4/20. I say two days because we went to church on Saturday night and celebrated with lunch on Sunday. :)
Mason is sitting up between 5-7 seconds at a time varying between sitting upright and sitting in tripod stance.

Likes: Mason still likes loves the bathtub and will bathe for 30+ minutes easily. MMM likes to be tickled and talked to. He is happiest when someone is looking at him. HAHA!

Dislikes: MMM dislikes having his nose aspirated but we had to do this a lot this month because he had some sinus drainage. Yuck! He HATES to be tired and not be in a place to go to sleep. He will let you know about it too. ;-)

Mommy: Mommy had a hard night on 4/19 because I accidentally let Mason roll off the couch. BOO!! Mommy and Mason took a road trip together to LA. It was fun!
We are still enjoying our days together. He is SUCH a joy! 

Daddy: Mason spent his first 7 days away from Daddy! Boy, was that hard?!?
Mason loves for his Dad to tickle him and play with him. They are best buddies!


Comparison Pictures: 

One month: 

Two Months: 

Three Months:  

Four Months:  

Five Months:  

Six Months: 

Laughing with Daddy

Playing with Daddy; walking 


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