Thursday, March 15, 2018

Basketball Camp 2018 {Mason}

Last year, Mason did a basketball camp through the local community center. He loved it so we signed him up again this year. He had the best time and learned so much. Last year, he was mostly shy and just played around. This year, he attended to the coaches, learned about shooting, dribbling, defense, passing, etc. It was so great! 

These pictures are from throughout the camp which was a total of 6 Saturdays. 


Mason and his buddy, Thomas. They only know each other through this camp but both ran in and was looking for the other one on the first day! 

Maddox tried to get in on some activities, too! 

Love them! 

Last day! They got t-shirts as well as some awards. The kids were all so excited! 




Up next: Soccer! 

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