Saturday, March 31, 2018

Can-Do Kids Series by Kayla Marnach {A Children's Book Series Review}

I was recently given the opportunity to review a series of books by Kayla Marnach. This series includes: My Body's Mine, I can Do That,  and My Actions Matter

From the author: My Body’s Mine was written specifically for children, parents, and professionals with the goal of teaching children self-regulation and body boundaries. Told through rhyme from a child’s point of view, the book helps children and caregivers navigate the sometimes difficult subject of body boundaries and unwanted touching.


I was really impressed with this book. It is so easy to glaze over these topics with our children but it is especially important to discuss the importance of how to keep our bodies safe. This book was fun to follow along with while reading to my 4 year old. It caused him to ask questions but it also wasn't over the top with information. Great for young kids! 

From the Author: I Can Do That! is also told through rhyme to introduce self-regulation techniques and emotion control methods for children. It is an extremely empowering book that aids families and professionals and empowers children to self-manage when they feel themselves becoming dysregulated.


This book is a great book about controlling emotions. Mason is really in a big feelings season right now and this book will be great to read over and over to help us understand how we can react and how we can best respond in various situations. Again, I love the rhyming of the book and that makes it that much more fun to read! 

From the Author: My Actions Matter helps children learn life value skills, creating a foundation on how they can connect with others. Told through rhyme from a child’s point of view, this book provides strategies for the child to learn how their actions influence others. The questions at the end of the book provide an easy transition for counselors and parents to open a discussion with the child, to explore ways they can effectively correct their behavior and connect with others.


Again, another rhyming book that is great for repetitive reading. This book is great for helping kids understand how we should relate to others and connect with others. It helps kids to understand that the things they do can affect others as well as themselves. Consequences take place in various ways when we respond the ways we do. This book is bright and colorful just like the others in the series and Mason and I both enjoyed that

Marnach has done a great job with this series and I will definitely be interested in any further books she writes for children! 

**Thanks for the complimentary copies!**

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