Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 11}

11 weeks have come and gone. Wow, this year is moving on along! 
Monday morning, Mason had speech and we took a selfie because why not!? 

Later that morning, the boys watched a show at the same time. Loved that! 

Monday evening, the guys had French toast sticks for dinner and Mason drank syrup. 😳

Tuesday, we were all dragging. The boys were sleeping in because of the time change. Maddox snuggled me with his milk and a book. 

20+ minutes later, Mason woke up! 

Later that morning, we headed to Home Depot. Mason wrote Mr. Larry a thank you note for some treats he brought them and Matt sent this picture later that day. Mr. Larry had posted it on his computer. 

All the love for Daddy! 

A chill afternoon with Daddy? Snacks and a show! 

Our neighbor came by and brought donuts for the boys. 

Maddox was mad that he didn't get to eat one right away! haha! 

Blue Bubble Bath. A good way to end the day! 


The next day, the boys and I went to Petsmart to see the animals. We watched them groom this poodle for a while! 

Then we got to see a volunteer cleaning the cat area. She let all of the cats out to play and the boys loved that! 

When we got home, Mason tripped and fell and Maddox ran to hug him to help him! 

Storytime? Or just plain craziness....

It was a bit chilly but we enjoyed some time on the front porch playing while Matt mowed the grass. 

Mason woke up Thursday morning with his hair like this....whoa! 

Maddox was insistent he have pictures, too! 

Dentist appointments for both boys! We had a rough start but it ended well! 

We went to the library for a puppet show. It was a cute one! 


Someone got a bit cold while drinking his smoothie. 😂

The boys and I hosted a spring craft for MOMS Club. There were only a few of us but we had a fun time! 

We had a family dinner out and Maddox surely enjoyed his dessert! 

Saturday morning was restful with a bit of book time. ;) 

We had planned for church Sunday but Maddox woke up coughing and snotty so we didn't go. It seems to just be allergies but doggone it, it won't go away! 
I headed to work and Matt took the boys to Hatcher Garden. 
Mason was darn proud of this experience. 😳😳😳😳

Where's Mason!?! 

On the move! 

I finished and met them over there and I brought the Ergo. Maddox loved it! 

That afternoon, we took the boys to the park and Mason took this rock that he found and hid it at the park for someone else to find. 

We weren't there long but we all had a blast! 



Yay for a good week! 

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