Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 9}

March is HERE!!! 

Love these two cuties! 

Someone wanted to be 

Who doesn't review the newest book in their underwear!?! 

He says, "YUM!" 

School time is his favorite. He said, "Addition is my favorite thing in the whole world!" 

Naps are few and far between these days so I try to capture them. 
He rests everyday but doesn't fall asleep much these days. 

This one! 

We had a crazy night one night when at about 10:45pm, a car ran through three front yards. We were up for hours. It was insane! 

Broke a light pole...

Ran through the yard 

Missed this house by mere inches...

We had free entertainment that afternoon as they replaced the light pole. 

Lunch and books...our favorite! 

We've started using the Bible kids app for stories at the end of school time. We've both learned so much! 

Sleepy head...

And another one!! 

Matt made delicious pizza that night! YUM! 

Best Daddy EVER! 

When looking at a dinosaur app, we found one just like one we have! Mason ran to go find it. 😊

We went to grab Froyo on Yogurt Mountain Friday evening. That made three happy guys! 

Saturday, the kids had a babysitter and Matt and I went to a marriage conference. We had a blast! 
A laugh a minute with this one! 


We had lunch out at a delicious BBQ place! 

Sunday was church and relaxing. That afternoon, they offered to give me a foot massage. Can't say I hated that! 

Love life with my three guys. 

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