Thursday, March 29, 2018

Mason Says and Does {27}

"Let's put a sign to say 'We built a house with a pattern roof and it's really good!'" 

"Mom, I need to have my hair done!" 

"Mom, you make the best pancakes EVER!!" 

We had an incident where someone drove through our yard and nearly into our neighbor's house. When I told Mason about it, he said, "Well, that wasn't very nice!" 

Our neighbors came by and we were talking, Mason asked to go outside and clean up the yard from the wreck that happened. I was so incredibly proud him and his decision to do that!

Pretend play: Mason's selling instruments and said, "It's Saturday. I have a day off. I need a vacation." He came to our house for a movie and popcorn. :) 

Mason: What's Chipotle? 
Matt: A place that has burritos, tacos, and millennials. 
Mason: I"ve never had a millennial before. 

Mason belongs to me! He received a thank you note from his buddy for a birthday present. He said, "that was so nice of her. I want to write her a note to say thanks for that note!" 

"Look, Mom! I made a plaid kite." 😳😳😳

"Whoa I can see a lot from up here!" ^^^

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