Sunday, August 25, 2019

Louisiana Trip May 2019 {Part 4}

On our last day in Louisiana we headed to visit a friend close to Baton Rouge. They live out in the country and have the CUTEST little house that I wanted to pick up and move to Spartanburg for myself! 


We had the best time and the boys played so well together that Toni and I got to visit for a long time! 


Again, worn out and slept all the way back to Amite when we stopped for lunch. 

We grabbed lunch and headed to Brittany's house. The kids were playing but Rafe was trying to sleep so we decided to try a show. They played and watched a show and Brittany and I got to visit a bit. 

Love 'em. 

That night we had to say some good-byes. Despite my best efforts, I cannot catch hugging pictures that aren't blurry it seems. 




We were up bright and early that next morning to pick GiGi up and head home. The boys rested some but not as long as I would have liked.

For as long as the trip was, it was still overall a good trip. This lady helped FOR SURE! 

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