Sunday, August 25, 2019

The Morgan's Movements 2019 {Week 23}

GiGi brought some Charms lollipops to the boys and they were definitely a hit! 


We had a few bearable days weather wise and we got some good outside time. We all played baseball for a while then GiGi got hooked into more. 

Oh boy...

Not sure what Maddox was doing. Maybe camping as this is a common activity these days. 

Summer reading kickoff party! 



Supermarket Sweep! 

Love him. 


Oh noooooo

Yep, more chilly bumps. 

This was the moment on Maddox's birthday when we woke him up and knew he was sick and told him he couldn't have his party. It was sad. Sad, sad, sad. 

Thankfully, I was able to make him laugh. 

Even though we had to cancel the party to avoid getting others sick, we still celebrated. More to come on that soon. They played with the birthday balloons for weeks! 

A fun back porch find! 

Daddy and Mason time. 

Little love bug. 


Someone got a new comic book! 

Matt met his parents in town for dinner with Mason and they tried Herb N' Eats. Everyone agreed it was yummy! 

Meanwhile, my boy and I snuggled at home. He was feeling better but not 100%. 

More chilly bumps. 

Trying on that awesome firefighter outfit from his birthday! 

Matt and Mason got another meal with PopPop and Grammy. 

Snack and a show! 

Momma and Leslie time. 

Included me treating GiGi to Wade's! 


GiGi and I took Mason to VBS and took Maddox to his well check. 

Then we headed to Dollar Tree. Maddox was treated to new toys by the cashier. ❤️


We are working our way through catching up! 

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