Saturday, August 31, 2019

Parks & Rec Campout {June 2019}

As soon as Matt, his Mom and the boys got to Spartanburg, it was time for the campout at Airport Park. This was hosted by the Parks and Recreation department. 

Matt took both boys for the start of the campout activities and then just he and Mason stayed the night. 

The tent was all set up! 

I took Matt's mom to her parents and then Matt texted me some pictures of their fun. They got to do some artwork. 

They got to play on the playground as well as at the splash pad before dinner. 

Dinner was hot dogs over the fire pit! 

Maddox was allll about that soda! 

After dinner, there were s'mores! 

After that, I went to get Maddox to bring him home. He gave me some good snuggles before bed. 

Meanwhile, these guys were having a blast. Matt and Mason invited some friends from t-ball to join them and they all had a great time. 

So much fun! 

Lights were out at dark and Matt and Mason looked at the stars a bit before falling asleep. 
They both slept decently and had a good good time! 

Meanwhile, Maddox had chips for breakfast the next morning. 😂

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