Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fun with our buddy, A!

This past week, we got luck enough to have our buddy, A, come over to play twice! Mason and A are so cute together and they really enjoyed each other. :)
Wednesday afternoon was our first adventure and it required snacks...duh!

After/during snack, there were ant sightings followed by spitting on ants. Ha!

Then, SAND!!

And a little lawn-mowing. Free labor from 2 year old isn't a bad deal.

Pools outside? nah! Pools inside.


Drawing is FUN!

Friday morning brought more A fun! These two are characters and I love it so! 
Coloring was first on the agenda.



Sunglasses were necessary on this beautiful sunny day!

Outside fun can wear you out and books are the perfect respite. :)

Thank you, Kris, for sharing A with us. We love her so!!


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