Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Mid-March 2016}

I think I've said it about a dozen times recently but MAN, the weather has been beautiful! These sweet-spot days of warmth before the weather turns to humid fireball-ness is just WONDERFUL!! We enjoyed mid-March to the fullest. Let's recap. :) 
Mason and I headed to Kindergym one day and he was READY :) We nearly always have to take a book with us.

Since we had a mostly free Saturday and the weather was gorgeous, we invited Matt's grandparents over for dinner outside. I made deviled eggs for the first time and YUM, they turned out so well!

While we waited on the burgers, Mason showed off his basketball skills. :)

Outside dinner was a HIT! Burgers, chips, deviled eggs and YUMMY dessert courtesy of Grandmom.

It called for some relaxing afterwards. My guys obviously do that well.

Sunday brought more warmth and that meant shorts for church. Mason is definitely a shorts boy.

More relaxing...:)

One morning, I was getting dressed and Mason wanted into his crib with some books. A momma will never complain about a kid wanting to be contained.

It was short-lived but I didn't mind because next we got to make silly faces and take pictures of those faces!

What more does a boy need? A lei, a book, and a xylophone. :)

We composed ourselves after the crazy and headed to the park to meet our buds, Mrs. Kris and Anna. We went to a newly renovated park in town and it was fantastic!!

That evening, despite it being nearly 75 degrees, Mason decided he needed to wear one of his Dad's winter hats. He even put it on by himself. WIN.

The next day was a work day for me and when we got home, Mason remembered Mrs. Jenn had given me some cookies and he was insistent that he have one! I obliged after he said please.

Then, he got a little screen time while I rested my eyes. 27+ weeks pregnant and a full day of work surely wore me out!

That night, we met Matt out for dinner and free ice cream. We had to wait for him to get off. Mason did a good job being patient.

The next day was MOPS and our #morgansonthesteps photo was a little difficult. Way tooooo much cheese happening...hahaha!

I love this boy fiercely!

See? The boy can relax like a PRO!

Another Home Depot visit meant shenanigans for Mason.

Wednesday date with my boy...my favorite!

Mason sat still one afternoon (a rarity) and I rubbed his belly. He didn't move for a long time. I think he must have liked it.

After the rubbing, he ran and I thought he went to his room. I heard him singing and giggling and found him here...propped in between his Dad's and my pillows happy as can be!

Friday brought an overnight date for Matt and myself (more on that to come) and Mason went to the Rasnake Casa. He drove us...oh, wait, that was the Easter Bunny. ;-)

Saturday we picked him up before nap and he was obviously pooped!!

After nap, we dyed Easter eggs (more on that later, too, as well as some other gaps in the schedule. :)) Mason was in his diaper and just needed to sit by the window and enjoy his snack. It was the cutest little visual.

Sunday, March 20th, brought the start of Matt's birthday week and Mason gave Matt his first treat...Reese Puffs. ;)

We all went to church and then I worked. We all rested that afternoon and since this week is FULL, we decided to go to dinner together as a family. Not before we took lots of pictures though. :)

Olive Garden for the win!!

We are ready for the end of March especially to celebrate our favorite Dad! 

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