Thursday, July 30, 2020

Mason Says & Does {44}

Matt told the boys I had to be in the bedroom away from them while awaiting test results.
Mason: We can have iPad time! We can make a mess! we can do whatever we want!
Maddox: I don't know about that, Mason

Mason called Ritz crackers: "Fritz crackers." ❤️

After reading the Mercy Watson books, Mason asked for a "piece of toast with a great deal of butter". ❤️

There were leaves in the dryer one day after I finished a load of laundry. I asked the boys about it. Mason said, "It was probably me!" 😂

Mason walked outside and saw that it was sunny. "ahhhhh. The sunnnnn. I'm going to need sunscreen!"

Mason was playing "dirt bike teacher" outside one day. He walked over to Matt and sat down and huffed. "The bad news is I got fired from being a dirt bike teacher....but the good news is I'm now the best dirt bike rider in the world!!"

Matt told a story one day about a car running a light. Mason says "That's life" 😂

Mason put his hat on with his sunglasses on top and told me he was a cool kid. 😭

One night during prayers: And thank you for my brother, especially." ❤️

On the day before school started, Mason was saying he wasn't excited about then he was seen putting all of his books in his backpack and carrying them around the house. Matt and I weren't sure if we believed him. 😉

One day, we were needing to get some chores done. Mason immediately jumped in saying he would vacuum. Without one complaint, he vacuumed their bedroom, the hallway and the living room!

I got some Planter's cheese balls in a can at Aldi. These are something I grew up eating and loving. I gave some to the boys for lunch one day. Mason said, "Have you had these?" I said, "Boy! I grew up eating these!" 😂

"I bet since it's the 4th of July God will make the fireflies make an American flag with their lights." ❤️

Mason made a blueberry cobbler and Maddox cut some strawberries to go on the side. Without prompting, Mason said, "Thanks for cutting up the strawberries, Maddox."
A bit later Maddox said, "Mase, thanks. Your blueberry cobbler is good!!" 

Mason hopped on Matt's side of the bed one morning and after resting for a bit said "These pillows are the kind I want!"

One morning, I asked Mason to take his sheets and blanket off of his bed to be washed. He did without question and then asked if he could do Maddox's bed, too.
Yes you can!

One day we were decided whether or not to get donuts as a family. (Pause because why would that ever be a question!?!)
Mason said he wanted to get completely dressed to go and I told him he was fine in pajamas because we were just going through the drive-thru and we'd come home and eat them. He said, "I can live with that!!"

Matt and the boys were on a walk while I awaited my COVID results. I called Matt to tell him and he told the boys. Mason said "I'll hug her 25 times!!"

We have been praying for various people each evening during our family devotional time. Mason prayed for Aunt Anne one night saying "God, thank you for Aunt Anne's awesome cooking." 😍😍

One evening, we ate chicken salad sandwiches using some I'd found at Aldi. Mason was NOT a fan and said, "Next time, make me some. I do not like those!" 😂 Makes a mom feel good when her food is the better one! ❤️

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