Monday, July 13, 2020

The Morgan's Movements 2020 {Week 25}

While the boys have been riding their bikes so often these days, we decided that this particular day called for a nature walk. With bug boxes in hand, we set out to see what we could find! 




One afternoon, we saw someone in the driveway and walked out to see our favorite mailman! He hasn't had our route in a while but we saw him one day recently when he was covering for someone else. He stopped back by and brought remote controlled cars for the boys! 😭❤️

Maddox has a new technique for car washing. I said it's a good thing he's insured. 

Somedays you just aren't quite ready to get up! 

This was their dog house. The smaller box in the front was their pee box. 🤷‍♀️

Cool kids! 

FOREVER building legos. 


Someone is doing more chores these days including taking trash and recycling out to the cans. ❤️

Reading by flashlight is a delight for both boys. ❤️

A local pizza shop participated in #bakersagainstracism and we grabbed a box. We ate the included items over the course of the weekend and they were all amazing. Truly. 

A belated birthday present from The Canters. This one has been a HIT! 

After nearly 4 months without working, it was time to get back at it. Hospital chic, I call it. 

Matt took the boys to the church while I worked and their rode bikes in the parking lot etc. Then they grabbed lunch at a newer spot called Tropical Grille. This was their first time in a restaurant in 3+ months. Matt said they sat away from everyone which he was comfortable with but that it was still odd after such a long time. 

The face of a kid who is ruthless in Candy Land. 


We had another smaller taste test with Krispy Kreme donuts. We've tried all of these before but it was fun to do! 

Another day of hospital chic. 

We had a date night! We had a couple of Olive Garden gift cards and we cashed part of them in for a delicious dinner. Olive Garden does take-out RIGHT! It was all so so good. 

Off they go! 

A case of the Mondays. He was encouraged to ride his bike not his scooter but he refused and then regretted his decision about halfway through our trek. 😑

Games, Games and more Games! We have been HOOKED on them lately! 

Hatcher Garden always delivers the best...look how tiny! 


We grew carrots! They were tiny but yummy! (A week or so later we pulled the rest of them and realized that when it was time to thin out earlier in the process, they should have been thinned out a bit more. Live and learn.)

We also grew tomatoes....with much more success! 

Whoa...that's a sign of a good day of playing. This is also why they rarely wear their flip flops for hard play. 😂

Always up for another game of sequence. He's pretty good at it, too! ❤️

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