Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The Morgan's Movements 2020 {Week 27}

We are getting caught up for sure now! woohoo! 

The first day of this week (Wednesday) was July 1st and that was Mason's first day of school! It was also one of the Summer Blast days hence Maddox's cute shirt! 


July 1st, 2020: Mason's 1st Day of School!! He's sort of a hybrid 1st Grade/2nd Grade based on what he's learning. ❤️



The sideways hat is the key to good learning. 😉

He worked hard and was done in time to enjoy the last day of Summer Blast! 


Also! He lost tooth #5 that day! We also noticed a molar coming in, too. And since then, we've noticed 2! 

Silly Street is always good for some laughs! 

Mornings can be hard at times! 😂

This kid. He offered to help with vacuuming and did half of the house with only a bit of help. 

A bag of Matt's old toys offered over an hour of entertainment for these two. 

Then another bag offered more than an hour of entertainment for these 3! 😉

Maddox's hadn't officially started his 4K work but we did a few things here and there. 

We also got a great package in the mail! ❤️

Mason "drew" a chameleon. 😂😂

Maddox asked to turn out all of the lights, get flashlights and play legos. Sure! 

Oatmeal with allll of the fixings for dinner! YUM! 


Beautiful early morning sky on my walk/run. 

Mason asked to make blueberry cobbler so he and Matt worked together on that! 

Maddox and I cut strawberries to go on top. 

Look at this!!! He did so well!! 

Kid's workshop kits are always fun...and sometimes stressful. 😉

KidSpring Family Camp crafts and bingo! 

Maddox's way of saying he's done with Bingo. 😑😂

We haven't watched TV in 4 weeks but Hamilton was definitely allowed. The boys don't get all of it nor do they get to watch all of it but they watched bits and pieces and enjoyed it. ❤️❤️❤️


Early morning sleepy faced smiles. ❤️

Another day, another math lesson. 

Water beads for the win! We've learned that they enjoy these for a short time and then we need to take a break before doing again. Keeps it exciting and fun. 

Fried eggplant...yummmm

with a side of Skittles science. 

More of Hamilton. 😂

Matt and Mason picked up some peaches from the Farmer's Market and they were so delicious and juicy so we 100% made the boys eat them in the bathtub. 😂😂

Another day, another morning bike ride/walk/run. It's hot so early but we know we all do better if we get out and move some! 

I let the boys help me pick out the stamps I purchased online. ❤️

Mason has become interested in photography and we are letting him use an old digital camera of ours. He's been having fun. 😍

Love my summer reading program prize! ❤️

Goodness, I love catching them having fun together! 

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