Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Convicted by Jameel McGee and Andrew Collins {A book Review}

I have been reading so many great books lately and this book, Convicted, is no exception! Convicted is the true story of Jameel McGee and Andrew Collins. Andrew Collins was a cop in the town of Benton Harbor and Jameel McGee was someone who Andrew arrested. 

The book alternates chapters with Andrew writing one and Jameel writing one (with a few that are shared chapters.) I usually enjoy this style of writing and this book was done well. You could hear both of their voices easily and the story flowed well with the alternating. 

This story is one of those that is almost hard to believe. What Andrew an upstanding cop? Did Jameel really do what he was accused of? How can these types of situations with innocent versus guilty happen so easily? I loved reading how the Lord reached into each of their lives in the midst of this unreal story and brought them together in such a cool way. 

For those who love a true story with a little suspense and a incredible ending, this one is for you! And chances are you will fly through it just like I did! 

**Thanks Blogging for Books for this incredible book!**

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