Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Mason's 4th Birthday!

We had such a BIG day celebrating Mason's 4th birthday! We obviously celebrated for most of the week and then at the beach, too, however, we will just talk about the one day for now. 😉

Just kidding, let me go back to the day before. We took a few pictures before bed celebrating the last day of three! Maddox joined in, too! He is a complete goof! 

When I woke the boys up singing (video below), Maddox was wondering what in the world was going on! 

Meanwhile, Mason was SUPER excited! 

We FaceTimed Matt ASAP

Then, PIZZA!!! Mason requested pizza for his birthday breakfast. Who was I to say no? 



He opened a couple of presents...books and two t-shirts as well as his card from GiGi and it had stickers!!! 

Wondering what in the world is going on...

Pizza for breakfast? HUH!? 

I agree...but dang, it was good! 

Our first stop for the day was discount Halloween candy shopping at Wal-Mart. Usually Matt does this but he was working so I filled in. :) 

And of course, we had to see the fish, too. 

Mason had speech and then we headed home for some chill time. 

Matt got off around noon and we headed to go pick up our car! After 16 days, we could not wait to see it, drive it, hug it! 😉

Matt's co-worker gave Mason this awesome Cars mechanic set and he LOVES it! 

After we picked up the car, we headed to our favorite donut shop around here...Sunny's!! 


Matt ended up having to take Maddox to the doctor (croup) so Mason and I went to story time to meet our friends who were joining us! 




Storytime was FUN and even included the birthday song! ! And then we headed to a little park to play for a bit before dinner. 

Bojangles! YUM!!! 

Meanwhile, I got this set of pictures and texts from Matt...oh boy. Sorry, I missed that. 


All cleaned up. 

Our sweet friends treated Mason to YOMO for dessert. They looked so big chatting together! 

When we got home, thanks to our friends, Mason had a present from our awesome neighbors. There was a present for Maddox, too. Can't leave anyone out. 😉


He got to end the day by staying up a bit with Matt for games, TV show and snuggles. THE BEST! 

A few birthday messages came, too. 


And here are videos from the day, too 

It was such a fun day! 

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