Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 43}

We were all tired after Nashville so we took it easy last Monday morning before Matt headed into work. The guys tried on costumes and trick or treated around the house. :) 

Which apparently required a water break. 

After Matt went to work, the boys and I just hung out, did chores and relaxed. 

Naptime came and we were all zapped. I got a text from Matt about a tornado coming our way and had approximately 90 seconds to grab sleeping boys out of their beds, get them into the hallway and cover us before that tornado went over our heads. It didn't touch down at our house but we heard the loud whistling, felt our house shaking and were incredibly grateful for God's protection! We saw damage later in the week not far from our house and realized just how much God had protected us! The boys were troopers and I was so grateful for that! 

Stuff was blown all over the place in the yard after. 


At Home Depot...that belongs on the other side of the store. 

We were all emotionally exhausted at the end of Monday! Thankfully, Tuesday was MOPS and we were all well and had a great morning! Maddox was worn out after all of the fun. 

I grabbed a few selfies with my boys before nap time. 

That evening, I came home from work to this...what am I going to do with them!? 

That evening, Matt took the boys to the park to play while I did some chores at home. Those seem to be never-ending these days!?! 
They had a blast! 

Wednesday morning, Maddox looked like a kindergartener! 


Gosh, I love him! 

Mason got a special prize from Speech and he was pumped...a red dinosaur stencil. 

Storytime Wednesday has been missed because someone in our family seems to have been sick nearly every Wednesday! But we made it this week. :) 

Thursday after nap, Maddox was anxious to get to his brother! He was leaning his full weight on the door. 

We enjoyed Hatcher Garden's Pumpkin Path which I shared about last week. 

Love my guy so much. 

The photo they took of us at Pumpkin Path. 

That day started Mason's birthday week and we got to celebrate with some of our favorite friends. We've known them for almost 4 years and NEVER eaten out together with our full families! It was fun and we must do that again! 
The folks at Wade's sang to Mason and everyone loved that! He did, too, but he was shy and hid under the table. :) 

The pie made him come back out though! 

He shared with everyone. 😍

Love these people so much! 

Friday morning we headed to Home Depot to look at the Halloween AND Christmas decorations! We even bought a plug-in pumpkin for 50% off. 

Then for day 2 of Mason's birthday week, I took him to Dollar Tree and let him get 4 things for $4. He wasn't happy about it at first because he wanted more than 4 things but after we talked about gratefulness, he changed his tune. He had fun looking and picking out his 4 things, a fire truck, a noisemaking toy, peppermints and crackers with cheese. :) 


We made a stop at the library where the morning fell apart...I won't recap the whole story but I will say after we left the library, headed home and regrouped, the morning finished extremely well! 

Friday afternoon, Matt took the boys to the park and then met me at work for the boys to Trick or Tree with the residents there. 

Saturday, the guys all went to McDonald's for breakfast and Matt had a photoshoot. Then, he took a nap. :) 

That afternoon, we spent nearly 6 hours out of the house. We had Maddox take a long morning nap and it worked out well. The guys got haircuts, Mason's birthday week treat was a smoothie and we just ran tons of errands. Mason was a complete goofball! And they both did SO WELL! 

ALL of the brother love! 

We finished the night with a date night at home with broccoli and cheese soup and catching up on our shows. 

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