Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Parenting is HARD!

These two boys are pretty darn incredible and I am super super grateful that I get to be their mom. That being said, parenting is HARD! The last several months, for whatever reason, have been extra challenging for me. Mainly in parenting but also in life in general. 

Several weeks ago at church, the message, which wasn't about parenting AT ALL, mentioned the importance of focusing on the positive not the negative. Two days later, at MOPS, the speaker talked about the importance of being mindful of what is being put into your heart and mind as well as what is being put into the mind and heart of your children. 

Those two things just got me thinking and reflecting on what's been going on in our lives. I talked to Matt about what had been put on my heart and I decided to make some changes. 

1. No more yelling. 
I grew up with an Italian dad. He's loud and I'm loud. However, that loudness was found in more of a negative context recently and it was affecting my husband, my boys and me. I decided to really work toward lowering my voice, even whispering if necessary, and talk things through more appropriately. 

2. Focus on the good and move quickly past the bad.
I'm focusing on the things my family and myself are doing well and when a bad situation occurs, deal with it and then move past it fast

3. Stop some of the "negative" things I'm letting influence my life and add in some more positive things. 
I just did some reflecting on what was going into my life and how it was affecting what I was saying and doing. I have removed some things and added in some better replacements. 

4. Remember that we are all in the same corner. 
Matt and I have had some tiffs recently and we have had to refocus and remind each other that we are in the same corner, on the same team and the same goes for our kids. Our goals as a family are the same. Thinking like that has caused us to move quickly through conflicts much easier. 

I'm so grateful that God speaks when we need to hear him and I'm so glad for this life changing time. 😊 

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