Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving was an incredible day! We started it off first thing in the morning with breakfast with Grandmom and Granddad. We had eggs, biscuits, refried black beans, bacon, apple fritters. YUM! 

Maddox finished early and the rest of us still wanted to chat so we set up the pack and play for him to play. Of course, Mason had to join in. :) 

We were there during morning nap for Maddox, so while he was asleep, Grandmom and I had a great chat and the guys watched the parade. Mason was in hog heaven! 

We grabbed a group shot before we left and I just had to laugh! 

I mean, sometimes, it just isn't happening! 

When we got back to our friends' house, we played outside a bit before nap. 


Everyone got a quick nap in and woke up happy as can be! 

We headed to Waffle House shortly after nap and we almost hit dinner  on the way! 

We were pretty darn happy to have the place to ourselves! Mason was focused on the waitress making his waffle! 

Then Maddox was! 

After getting our fill, we drove over the Wal-Mart to walk it all off.  We did some scoping out for Christmas Day snacks and found the perfect amount of cheese! 

And chocolate! :) 

On our last drive up the driveway, we saw a deer! 

We fed the horses some treats, too. 


Maddox finished up with poop scooping that evening. Haha! 

After the boys were in bed, Matt and I ate some leftover apple fritters with milk and hit the hay! 

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