Thursday, November 9, 2017

Mason's 4th Birthday Adventure {Myrtle Beach November 2017}

Wow, we had an incredible weekend at the beach! Mason started asking nearly a year ago to go to the beach. We knew this would be just right for his birthday adventure. We found an excellent price on a little studio apartment and we made it happen! Myrtle Beach was not our first choice but the price was too good to pass up so MB it was! 

We had breakfast Friday morning and then headed out about 8. The boys did great on the drive and we didn't stop until we got there. It was awesome! 


We got up to the apartment and checked out the view and then headed to grab lunch. 


I mean!?! 

We drove up and down for a bit and nothing really appealed so we picked Pizza Hut and it worked out great. They had a lunch buffet which we all enjoyed and then they had made some extra pizzas for a large group that didn't get on to the buffet so they gave us two of them! 

We got back to the apartment and unloaded. Maddox needed a nap so I stayed with him and Matt took Mason to the beach. I happened to look out the window just in time to see Mason's feet touch the water for the first time. That was special! I know they are small in these pictures but it was sweet so I need to share! 








Matt and Mason were down there for about 2 hours and came back up for snack. 

Then we all went out to the beach for an hour or so. 

Back track for a minute...Matt got these pics of Mason on their way down. 

And Maddox's first steps on the beach. 


All of us on the beach. Maddox was too busy exploring...

Oh man...

Love this guy! 

We got dressed after that and headed to BurgerFi for dinner. YUM! 

We ran into Target for a few snacks, milk etc and then headed to pick up donuts for the next morning. 

The Donut Man was a good choice. We got a good variety and were happy to have them the next morning! 

We got back to the apartment, said goodnight to the beach and this beautiful moon. 

Terrible picture but hey...

We told Mason he could stay up for a bit to play some iPad games. That was a sweet time with our big guy! 

Saturday morning they were ready to go! We had breakfast and put them both in the pack and play. We were only putting Maddox so he wouldn't get into everything but you know Mason had to join in! It was silly and they had a blast! 

Then we headed out! We played on the beach for a while. 



Then we went back up for lunch. Leftover pizza thanks to Pizza Hut! 

Everyone took a nap and woke up ready to go! 

But first, snack. 


We headed back out and went to the pool, lazy river, etc. It was fun and the temp was great! 
After that, everyone got cleaned up and had a little snack before we went back to the beach to get a few pictures of the boys. We aren't sure if any of them turned out but it was worth a shot! 
We got to fly the kite for a minute, too! 


That evening, we headed to another donut shop, Peace, Love and Little Donuts. We got to watch them being made, too1 

Oops, they're sideways. Oh well! They were cute! (size reference: 1/3 size of regular donut). 

We wanted to get dinner but nothing really sounded appealing. Mason picked Waffle House and it was perfect! 

When we got back to the apartment, Maddox went to bed and Matt and Mason went crabbing! Matt was concerned they might not be successful but they caught one! Mason named it Sandy and he hasn't stop talking about it since! 


Before bed selfies. 

One last shot of the beach at night. 😍

We headed home early Sunday morning. We thought we might stick around but woke up to a dreary, misty, foggy morning so home it was. We had a great trip and Mason wants to go back next year! 

Here are a few videos from the trip. Mason's and Maddox's first steps on the beach and a crabbing video, too. 

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