Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Why I Didn't Rebel by Rebecca Lindenbach {A book Review}

Why I Didn't Rebel: A Twenty-Two-Year-Old Explains Why She Stayed on the Straight and Narrow -and How Your Kids Can Too was a book that kind of drew me in just because the way culture is shifting now. I feel like so much  (but not all) of what I'm hearing is that children, teenagers, young professionals, have to branch out, sow their wild oats, etc in order to achieve adulthood. 

Again, I recognize that this is not the belief of everyone but it is a popular belief and I don't agree with it. That being said, I wanted to love this book SO MUCH but it was just okay for me. 

Lindenbach shares at the beginning of the book that she will not just include her story yet she would include the stories of many others she had interviewed in her research. I loved that idea in theory but I didn't love the way it played out in the book. I felt that the conglomeration of all of the stories made it difficult for me to follow. 

That being said, the information presented in the book makes a lot of sense and I gleaned some good information while reading. Much of what was presented by Lindenbach focuses on how parents can teach their kids, lead them and be an example for them in an effort to show them that rebellion isn't necessary. Don't put them in a box but allow them to be exposed to situations all while teaching them about worst, bad, good, better, and best choices. 

I think this book would be great for parents of tweens and teens especially. 

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