Thursday, May 10, 2018

Raising World Changers in a Changing World by Kristen Welch

Raising World Changers in a Changing World by Kristen Welch was a breath of fresh air and a book I could not put down! Welch drew me in with her second book, Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World, and this book was no different. 

Raising World Changers in a Changing World shares a great deal about what Welch and her family were called to in Kenya with their ministry, Mercy House. Some of the stories she shares are beautiful and many of them are almost painful to hear at the same time. 

God called Welch her family to give it all to him and they did. Without growing pains? Nope. She writes a bit about that as well throughout the pages. 

At the end of each chapter, Welch presents a few questions and has a person in her family answer them. I liked this portion of it because it was neat to hear from someone in addition to the author. Someone who was also living the same situations she was living. Following those questions were a few prompts on ways that you and your family could show generosity to those around you. I think these were my favorite parts of the book. 

I think this book is an incredible resource for families and we hope to incorporate some of these truths into our family ASAP! 

**I received a copy of this book. Opinions are my own.**

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