Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Maddox Says & Does {9}

To whoever sneezes: "____ bless you."

When in need: "____help!!"

Mason and Maddox had a zoo trip going on in the house. Mason said there was a lion in Maddox's bed asleep and asked if Maddox wanted to see. Maddox backed out of the room saying "Uh uh!"

Mason called out from his bed one morning saying he needed to potty. Maddox follows immediately after yelling "POTTY!!" yeah, he's still in diapers. 😂

I do believe Maddox is having a little language explosion. Lots of huffing and trying to figure out his words is happening. He's recognizing tons but when they try to come out, well, it's hard!! :)

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