Monday, May 21, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 20}

This is just a short week because we left mid-week to go on our family trip! 

We found out Monday morning that Mason's speech therapist is moving to Florida and this was the last time we would see her! Bittersweet for sure! 

Mason and I came home to find Maddox dressed like this! He is a mess. Mittens and all...

This was Mason's homemade drum set. The basket is his foot petal!

The boys and I ran a few errands Monday morning. Mason is too cool!

I took the boys to the party store and they had a blast. So. Many. Things. To. Touch.

I love this one...

That afternoon I got some snuggles with both boys. A rare treat! 

These aren't from this week but Chick-Fil-A posted these and I wanted to post.

How cute is this!?!

Monday/Tuesday Mason got sick. It was short lived and he perked right back up but he was puny for a minute there.

I quarantined Mason to the bedroom and Maddox and I got some good hang time. This is his favorite book right now!

Those eyes! 

Wednesday, we ran a few quick errands. My buddies were very helpful! 

We did puzzles Wednesday afternoon.

Then Mason started his vacation!

Dad's off for 12 days!!! 

We had a fun treat with a visit from Miss Kris! Those Morgan boys wore her out!! 

Can't wait to blog about our vacation!! 

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