Tuesday, May 8, 2018

AWANA Awards 2018

Last Sunday was the end of AWANA. It was a great year for both of our boys and we can't wait until next year! 

Mason's class got to eat pizza for dinner and then they came to the gym to say a few verses and receive their awards. Mason was so confident! 

The little wave! 

The thumbs up! 😭😭😭

They said two of the verses they had learned during the year. 

AWARD time! Mason along with everyone in his class completed there whole book! 

His bud's turn! 

These are some of our people. Love 'em! 

When we were asked by these friends if we wanted to do AWANA, we were happy about it. But we had no idea how awesome the year would be for Mason. And then we found out there was a class for Maddox and that turned out to be incredible, too. We are so grateful! 

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