Friday, May 18, 2018

Mother's Day Weekend 2018 {Sunday}

Sunday morning, the boys gave me some special things that they made. Once I'd looked at those, we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast! 

Early morning smiles! 

Some of my pretties. 

Pictures of the rest of the treasures. 







We headed to church and I got a few more pictures with my boys! 

We stopped for Bojangles to bring home for dinner and it was the perfect lunch! 
We all either rested or napped that afternoon and then while I read a bit, Matt did a few chores and then they headed to the pool. I joined them for a while, too! 
When Maddox was done, we came inside. He relaxed and then watched a bit of Paw Patrol. 

We also indulged me for a few funny pictures! 

Handsome boy! 😍

I even got extra lucky and got snuggles with Mason, too! 

He took some pictures with me, too! 

We had a great day! 

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