Monday, May 28, 2018

The Morgan Family Road Trip 2018: Day 1

Whew! We've been home from our 2018 Road Trip for a few days and I'm ready to recap it all!  We had a great time and agreed that this trip was even better than last year's trip! 
We left Thursday, the 17th, at 5:30 a.m. Everyone was ready to go! 

We started pulling out toys and road trip stuff about an hour in, once the sun came up. We laughed the whole trip because I got all kinds of Dollar Tree stuff for the boys to play with and all they wanted was the same old magazines they read every other day. haha! Note to self for next year: stick with what they know. :) 

We stopped in Greensboro for our first donuts of the trip at Donut World. I plan to talk more about all of the donuts in another post. Let's say for now: Yum! 



Road trips with this guy? My favorite! 

While heading back to the interstate, we saw a Cookout that was only drive-through/walk-up. That was neat! 

Shortly down the road, Maddox was OUT! 

Followed by Mason! 

We made it into Virginia. 

Still sleeping...

Once nap was over, we stopped at a rest area to eat the lunch we had packed. It was the perfect little stop! 

After lunch, we walked around a bit in the other area. 

We got back on the road and everyone was happy! It was an excellent travel day! 

We saw the world's largest cigarette?? Weird! 

We stopped in Richmond at Maymont. The original plan for the day was the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro but rain was forecasted so we changed our minds. 
Maymont has a mansion which we only drove around but we enjoyed the petting zoo thoroughly!! 
Goats, chickens, pigs, bison, horses. The boys had a blast! 








Upon leaving, we saw TONS of geese. Mommas and their babies...😍

After that we stopped at the Treat Shoppe for our next donuts. We picked two and shared them. 


After leaving, Little Bit grabbed another nap! 

We got into Fredericksburg around 3/4 and after checking into our hotel, we headed to dinner at Metro Diner. It was incredible!! 

Breakfast bake and chicken tender dinner! 

After dinner, we went into a thrift store and looked around at everything. We bought a $5 grab bag and it was a great find! Used the whole trip to play with and then still played with here at home! 

The first day was great and the rest of the trip had a lot to live up to! 

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