Wednesday, October 19, 2016

God Bless my Friends by Hannah C. Hall {A Book Review}

Yep, another children's book! This go around, I was looking for something that Mason would enjoy giving his best bud for her birthday. She turns three one month after Mason and I knew I wanted to include a book with her birthday gift and this one, God Bless My Friends, turns about to be the perfect one.

When it arrived, Mason was pumped as he always is when a package arrives but when I opened the book and he saw all of the animals on the front, he immediately loved it. Then I told him that we could read it together and then we were going to put it away to give A for her birthday, he smiled HUGE. He loves to read new books or just any book really but he also loves to share books. 

We read it together that evening and we loved it! God Bless My Friends uses animals on each page to share things that friends are to each other as well as things that friends like to do together. The whole point of the story, though, is to remember that God gave us friends and we thank him for them. 

I love to be reminded of that concept and I think this book does a great job of that. It also is a great tool for kids in helping them to learn at the ground level that we should thank God for everything including our great friends. 

This is especially important in this season of life. We are in the middle of a rough season for our big guy and I'm so thankful each day is a new day, we have forgiveness and our friends love us no matter what. Especially Miss A! 


*I received this book from the publisher.*

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