Thursday, October 27, 2016

Weekend Full of Pictures!

This past weekend was a good one. The weather was incredible. Aside from a few hours of work for me, the weekend was just full of fun. Just what we hoped it would hold. 

Friday morning, I put some rice, black beans, and white beans in separate containers and put them on the porch along with several cups, bowls and utensils and let Mason go to town playing with them. He had a blast! 


Mason even served me some rice and beans, too! 

While Mason played outside, I sat between the door and Maddox and watched them both play. Maddox is trying to scoot across the floor these days. :)

Later on, Mason got a snack. About 15 minutes later, he asked for another snack and when I declined his request, he laid on the floor and whimpered. haha!

Hi, Ma!

Next up was a shaker made with rice and beans. :)

Daddy's home! I headed to work and these guys had fun! 
Snack time...

Coffee time...(decaf)

and more rice and beans...

I ended my night like this. Pure love.

Saturday morning, this guy woke up happy and enjoyed his jumper!

And Mason requested "more rice and beans, ma!"

I put some country style ribs on to cook.

And Matt went out for a yummy breakfast for us. Donuts for Downtown Donuts. SOOOOO Good!

Mason and I headed out for a few errands and we stopped at Dollar Tree for some things for his upcoming birthday. A regular birthday hat? Nah. We need the BIG hat!

After that we headed to the grocery store and Mason said "We need flowers". I asked him for who and he said "Grandmom and Granddad." (Melt my heart) Once we got into the store, I had forgotten about it and when we passed by them, Mason remembered and said "Go back. Go Back!" We did and he picked out flowers just for them and we delivered them shortly after that. They obviously loved them!

After afternoon naps, we headed to Camp Croft for Neewollah to meet our friends. We stopped for gas along the way and Matt got some yummy community coffee. He was PUMPED! :)

We had Nemo and a fisherman. Matt has some better pictures on his camera that we hope to upload soon. 
Ready to go!

Matt got some popcorn for all of us and while they were waiting in line, he fed the fish. :)



Love my family. Thanks, Kris. :)




Neewollah was fun! All of the campers handed out candy. We wont do traditional trick or treating so this was pretty great for us! 

After we got home and got the boys in bed, we had a date! It was Matt-focused date night so we had wings. Matt ran out to pick them up along with some sodas from QT and we had fun. The wings were delicious!!

Sunday morning we headed to church and Maddox and I went to the nursing room. We had planned to bring him to the nursery but he was a little snotty and we didn't want to risk it.

I worked after church and the boys all napped. Then, we tried on wedding outfits and tried to decide it bowties were a good idea. Still not sure...haha!



Now, oh boy...
Matt has had this shirt for a while and we got the outfit Maddox is wearing back when Mason was a baby. We had been attempting to get a picture of Matt and Maddox and it just hasn't happened. Sunday was a good time and Mason wanted to get involved, too. Duh.

I told Mason to go get a car and I snuck some of Matt and Maddox. :)




He's back! and in all grey. He got the color memo. ;)

Mason is trying to get Maddox to smile.

It worked!

Then there's this outfit. It's a little snug on him but again, we never got a picture of Maddox wearing it when he actually fit into it so we made it work for a few pictures. :)



Like a boss!

We finished the weekend by heading to Hatcher Gardens for a nature walk. It was short lived because pottying needed to happen but we enjoyed it, nonetheless.
One day we will get a good picture of our preschooler again, right?

Love weekends all together! 

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