Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mason Says & Does {11}

(Monster Mason)

Here's the next edition of Mason Says & Does...


"Mason, do you like hummus?" "Mhmm, I LOVE hummus!" 

When we went to International Fest, Mason danced at every chance he got. Matt and I are hoping he dances at Ben and Anne's wedding next weekend! 

One morning, I told Mason it was time to turn off the iPad. He fussed and I said "Buddy, you can't play all day." His response, "Yes ma. I play all day!" (He didn't win!) 

I put Mason in a new-to-us jacket for church a few weeks ago. It has a firetruck on it. Each time we encountered someone new, Mason stopped, pulled on his jacket and showed them "firetruck" He was SOOO proud! 

Each time Mason is talking about something small he says it a super shrill voice. Hilarious! 

Mason LOVES firetrucks, ambulances, police cars and the like. Each time he sees one, he says "Dey go help people, ma!" Sweet boy. 

Mason now puts his pointer finger in the air and says "I got good idea!" 

Several months ago, I joked with Mason that we were going to China when he asked where we were going. Now, at various times, he will answer a question with "To China!" 

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