Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Kid's Workshop + Firetruck!

Yay, we are getting all caught on life here on the blog! 

Last Saturday, we got up and ready to head to Home Depot's Kid's Workshop for fire safety month. 
But first, Bonuts. Yep, biscuit donuts. Matt found a recipe from Alton Brown and made them. They were delicious! 


Firetruck builders extraordinaire!

About half way through the kid's workshop, they moved everything outside for a special visitor. While we walked over, we checked out EVERY lawnmower. :)

And he needed to show off the hammers. 


Special guest: FIRETRUCK!! And the firefighters. So. Much. Fun. 
Prior to this day, Mason had always admired trucks from afar but he wouldn't get close to them. This day, he walked right up to it and jumped in. He spent 45+ minutes on this truck! Just wade through the pictures, I love them all. :)

Talking to the firemen.






Driving the truck!

Telling the fireman where the fire is right now.

Littttlllleee big!

One last drive...

Love our family.

We are so grateful for local events to do as a family. Thanks, Home Depot!

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