Friday, October 7, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Late September 2016}

Whoa, this week just keeps on flying by. Between a little bit with a slight cold, weird work schedule for Matt and work all week for me, I feel like we are just spent by the end of the day.

I feel sometimes lately I let the weight of the day to day hub-bub get me down and I'm really trying to re-focus to remember and recall the good things about each day. 
Now that we got that out of the way, let's seen what random pictures I can round up to summarize (not briefly) the last part of September for the Morgan crew! 

One Saturday, we were watching football and I sent a picture to my mom and she asked what Maddox was doing. Well, eating of course! The angle of this picture made it look like he was drinking a MASSIVE bottle and we all got a good laugh out of that!

Sweet love wants his thumb! I'm trying to keep it away but it's just not working. Not to mention, it's so cute.

Happy boy!

Momma rocking Maddox and Mason relaxing on Momma. Life. :)

M&Ms for pottying! More to come on our potty training adventures but just a quick note: it's gone so well!

Jumping in the jumper with brother's tugboat near by.

My morning view while I handled some chores. (those of you freaking out: don't worry, Maddox was fine.)

I asked Mason to draw a turtle and he drew this. I was SHOCKED! Generally, it's scribbles and lines, etc. Buddy is growing up!

Our buds came over for a quick lunch and playtime and they brought watermelon. YUM!

We continue to love Wednesday afternoon storytime and on this day, our buds joined us! It was extra fun with them there.



Maddox got in on the painting, too!

We love these folks like family and I'm not positive but I think the feelings are mutual!


So fun!

Storytime delayed his late evening nap so he made up for it when we got home. 

Meanwhile, Mason mowed the couch. :)

Showing off his muscles! (and wild hair, and underwear. ;))

I had to photograph this because these days Maddox almost immediately rolls over onto his stomach when we lay him down so this was unique. :)

Mason's favorite hiding spot.

My guys...

My sweet sleeping favorite.

SMILES!! and showing off how he holds toys. :)

Mom and her boys...Maddox appears to not be interested.


Mason loves to share with brother. He was cooking out on the front porch and Maddox got some food, too. :) If you ask him he says Maddox can't eat because "No teef". :)

Gah, I love it.

Coloring is FUN!

Hmm, wonder what Mason will be for Halloween!?!

Good grip there, bud!

Park fun digging a BIG hole!

Successful baby-wearing WOO!!

Loves his hat backward.

We enjoyed another fun morning at Milliken with our best buds.



I got to have a girl's night to watch the premiere of Grey's. It was a blast! When we were leaving, this HUGE bug hit me in the face. That was the ONLY picture I took that night. :)

And that concludes September. You were good to us. :)

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