Wednesday, October 12, 2016

International Fest {October 2016}

Our town has an International Fest each year on the first Saturday of October. We had never been until this year. Last year, we had planned to go but it was canceled due to weather. This year, we were so glad to make it. This was the 30th Anniversary and the featured country was Mexico. 

We ended up going right after the boy's naps and it was perfect. We stayed from 3:45 until closing time - 7:00p.m. 

On our way in, we saw one of the performing groups and it was great! It made me cry because it is just incredible to see people representing their culture. 

Our first stop was FOOD!! Taco and empanada. Very good...

Mason gave International Fest a thumbs up!

He also got yummy chicken on a stick and was quite pleased. I picked up an egg roll from the same stand...yum!

After food, Mason went into the kid's soccer area and enjoyed playing with all of the other kids. They had a HUGE soccer ball and some smaller ones, too. When we left that area, Mason said "I play soccer ball mom!!"

This Rio 2016 sign came straight from Rio. We all thought that was pretty neat.

They had tons of fun games set up all throughout the park and Mason enjoyed several of them. (By the way, I was totally there but I was wearing Maddox at first and Matt was doing most of the playing.)

We walked past this stage heading to another area and Mason stopped and patted the seats for Matt and I to sit down. It was super sweet.


There was also an area where each country had a tent and kid's were given a passport and they got stamps at each tent. There were different things to learn at each tent as well. I think Mason and eventually Maddox will appreciate that more as they are older.

Machu Picchu

Mason even sat for a face painting!


The best!! I love this picture of our family.

Mason was VERY into this!


We finished seeing all of the countries and getting Mason's passport stamped and headed for a few more games.


Our last stop was for a blueberry smoothie for all of us and a bratwurst for Matt. YUM! 

We had just planned to leave but when we walked past the last stage, Mason saw empty seats and went to sit down and listen to the band. It was pretty incredible and Matt and I couldn't contain our tears. He was just so sweet about the whole thing. He was dancing and smiling and clapping.

Some ready to leave, some not...

Thank you, Spartanburg!!! 

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