Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Temple and The Tabernacle by J. Daniel Hays {A Book Review}

The Temple and Tabernacle by J. Daniel Hays was an interesting read for me.  I'll admit I don't know a great deal about this part of biblical history. I have some brief knowledge but it won't get me very far. This book explains God's dwelling places from Genesis to Revelation. I liked that all inclusive aspect, for sure.

One of the other aspects of this book that I truly liked is that the pages are thick and vibrant. It's a paperback book but it's heavy duty and the print is excellent. I enjoyed that the book is in color. The pictures are detailed and colorful and that draws you in.

The author did a great job of sharing the content he set forth to bring out. I think this information can be HEAVY and while he definitely gives plenty of scripture and research to support what he's saying, I didn't feel like it was overwhelming. I think that someone with an even greater grasp of biblical history would really appreciate this book even more than I did.

*I received this book from Baker Books.*

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