Monday, February 1, 2021

The Morgan's Movements 2020 {Week 43 & 44} {Part of Mason's Birthday Week}

Well, here's to getting caught up here on the blog through December 31, 2020. I believe that I'm going to stop there. I may update here and there but the day to day blogging just isn't a priority right now. I miss it but I also can't seem to make time for it so that tells me it is time to truly put it aside. This post is way back in late October/early November. I've got about 20+ posts to share and then I'll stop for now. 

Sometimes the day to day life tasks are the best. Just a little artwork time. ❤️

Kicking Mom's booty in Battleship! 

Their playing together is here and there right now so I want to always remember when they are in sync with each other! 

I went to a new hair salon. It was not worth the money. 😉 Time with those two was definitely worth it though! 

OUCH! Wipe out on the bike! 

Bahahaha. Worn out and shirtless. 

Cookie Kits for the halloween win!

Our boys are good helpers with chores most of the time!

More cookies. The boys had the best time with these. 

Pizza movie night has become a big part of our week! 

Oh boy...never a dull moment! 

My little cutie pie. 

Matt made pumpkin seeds and the boys had a buffet of the different kinds! 

Mason's 1st birthday week request was Jersey Mike's and a movie. It was a HIT for everyone! 

Post-sub snuggs


Another day, another movie. 😂 Seems it was a movie time. 🤷‍♀️

Last year, my mom sent me some nativity sets that were my grandmother's. I loved setting them out. 

We also set up all of our Christmas themed LSU vehicles this year for the first time! 

Milk mustache!! 

Rocked the Vote! 

We set up some of our outside Christmas decor. It seems to grow each year! 

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