Wednesday, February 3, 2021

The Morgan's Movements 2020 {Week 47}

Fall means raking leaves! We all worked well together!

I also decided to make my first batch of trash. If ever there was a year that called for making it early, it was 2020.

Sometimes we surprise the boys with donuts for breakfast. It's always a hit. 

Matching Morgan Boys!! 

Too cool for school. 

We made a volcano as a part of our geology unit at school. It was a hit! 

Post-Volcano was a good time for another batch of trash! I had a helper, too. Well, two when it came to eating. 😂

These are the days...

Just before Thanksgiving, a surprise guest showed up at our house! 

He came bearing his traditional gift...a blanket for each Morgan boy! 

The boys were so glad to see PawPaw. First and only visitor since March 2020. 

It was a super short visit but we were able to enjoy our time. We took him out to Glendale Shoals which was a major hit for all of us! 

PawPaw is good pillow! 

We were sad to say good-bye but glad we got the time we did. 

Bye PawPaw! 

Look at those sweet guys. 

Did we make 3 batches of trash in a week? Mayyyyybbbeee. 

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