Thursday, February 4, 2021

The Morgan's Movements 2020 {Week 48}

Don't want to forget these sweet moments. Maddox tucked Dino in for devotional time. ❤️

Matt had the fun idea to watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and eat the foods they had. We all LOVED it! Maybe we will make it a tradition! 

Love this silly man. 

Last year, the boys asked for a live tree. We can't really get one for inside because we decorate early and it'd be dead but we decided to do something extra fun and get one for outside on the front porch!! 
The boys and I headed to Home Depot to wait for Matt to get off of work so we could pick it out! 

Found it!! 

We came home and immediately got it set up! They were SO proud! 

The next morning, Matt got the lights on it and we finished with ornaments. It turned out so well and made us all happy! 

And here it is at night! 

When we are looking good on a Sunday, we must take a picture. Well, that's how I feel. Not sure the Morgan boys care for it. 😂

This is funny. Mason is in to the peace sign and Maddox thought he needed to put up 4 for how old he is. 😍😍

A couple of weeks before, we had picked cards off of the angel tree at church and we got to deliver the gifts that the boys picked out on this morning. 

He humors me. 😉

We had to get out one more early and it just so happened to be the coldest morning thus far! 

Good dentist check ups for both boys! 


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