Monday, February 1, 2021

Beach Trip to Oak Island, NC {Part 1} {October 2020}

At the end of October 2020, we started a morning like this...

Then we surprised the Morgan boys by telling them that we were going to the beach for a few days! Happy happy happy! And also shocked! 

The boys did so well on the drive and were so excited to just be going anywhere! We had not travelled since January 2020!! 

We stopped for breakfast at McDonald's and kept on going. 


It was a beautiful day for traveling and we were glad for that! 

We made it to Oak Island, NC and in no time we were ready for the beach! 

The view from our second row beach house was sooo pretty! 

That first sunset was AMAZING! 

The boys located a dead jellyfish and observed him for a long time! 

That sun was still setting and it was just so good for our hearts! 

The next morning we did what we always do. We found donuts!! This was a local place that was similar to Duck Donuts and shoot they were good! 


It was SO windy that second day. We went to the park for a bit before going back to the house. 

Matt went to get take-out from a Mexican restaurant we had seen when looking for restaurants. OH MY WORD! It was top 5 Mexican food! 

Later on, we got ice cream from here and it was amazing, too. Oak Island delivers on the food options for sure! 

We decided to walk the pier. It wasn't our wisest idea. It was INSANE with the wind! 

The water was so rough. 

This was how I kept sand out of my face. 😂😂😂

We were worn out after that and just decided to rest. It was a perfect idea! 

The wind literally wore us out! 

That's the first part of our trip! 

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