Friday, February 5, 2021

Early Christmas {December 2020}

Because we were so blessed with gifts from extended family, we decided to celebrate Christmas two weeks in a row. On the Saturday before Christmas, we woke up and had a big breakfast including Dutch pancake and sausage. 

Then we started opening presents. We opened them slowly throughout the day. The boys got lots of great gifts and Matt and I did, too. 

As we opened, the boys played with nearly every gift as it was opened. That definitely made it special! 

Since we do snack lunch/supper on Christmas Day, on this day, we decided to do a big late lunch. It was delicious!! Ham and dressing were included and that made me happy! 

We had to go outside to play with some of the toys, too. It was COLD! 

This guy helped me prep sopapilla cheesecake. 

One of the gifts from our neighbors was this awesome geode kit. It was the last part of our evening! It was hard work! 

This was a pretty good day for us! 


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