Sunday, February 7, 2021

Mason Says & Does {46}

 "Why is the earth round but the ground feels flat?" 

Question in our devotional book: "Have You ever said no when you should have obeyed?" Both boys answered yes and then Mason said "20 million times." 😂

After eating cheese sauce in a meal. "This is too cheesy" 😂

"2020 is a crazy year!" #Amen

When we surprised the boys with the beach "Y'all really tricked us!" 

Mason was naming all kinds of parties. "Halloween party, thanksgiving party, pizza party. Here comes a silly one...a political party!" 😂

When getting ready to decorate for Christmas, I asked boys if they wanted to help. Mason said "If it's for Christmas, we're in!" 

One day, Matt had some music on and the boys were watching the videos on his phone. There is a line in one of the songs that said "Squad" and Mason said "The disciples and God are a squad!" ❤️❤️

"Mom, can I get a calculator one day?"

Mason was feeling presents to guess what they are and I told him not to guess out loud. Maddox asked what something was and Mason said "I can't tell you. Have you ever kept a secret in your life?!?" 😂

One night at devotional time, I gave the boys towel to sit on to try to keep them a bit more still. Mason picked the towel up between his legs, almost like a diaper and moved around the room with it like that. "My bottom is still on the towel" 🤣

Matt let both boys drive the truck with him in the year. Maddox poked his head out "Hey, lady!" Matt prompted Mason to say "Can I have your number?" and unprompted, Maddox yells "Can I get you a sandwich?" 😂😂😂

I made waffles one morning and Maddox told Mason to be careful because they were hot. Mason responded "It's warm. It's actually kind of soothing." 🤣

We decided to have a family slumber party for NYE. Mason said "Let's have a breakdancing party!!" Maddox said "LETS GET LEGO SETS AND BUILD THEM!" (spoiler alert: we didn't do either 😂)

One day before we gave the boys the Nintendo switch, Matt and Mason were playing a game on Matt's old Xbox. Mason said "I can't wait to play both of our switch games!" Matt asked what he meant. Mason responded " We have my lego game that Maddox gave me for Christmas and at Black Friday (at that point 6 weeks before this conversation), Wal-Mart was selling a Switch with Mario Cart for two hundred and ninety-nine dollars SO we will just get that one." 😍😍😍 Little did he know, we had already bought that exact one and stored it away until they earned the money to pay for it. ❤️❤️❤️

Mason was wearing his Patrick Mahomes t-shirt under this button-up pajamas. He said "Hold on, I've got to unbutton my shirt to let Patrick out." 😂😂😂

I told the boys I needed to hurry and got to the grocery store because it closed at 8. Mason checked the time which was 6:50 and said "You have seventy minutes." Math skills at work! 

Mason got a sour gum ball at Mast General Store. After eating it, he said "It made one little tear fall out of his eye." 😂

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