Thursday, February 4, 2021

The Morgan's Movements 2020 {Week 49}

For Christmas, GiGi requested a book from the boys. She had come up with a title "Ethen the red-tailed hawk" and we used that and wrote the story. The boys came up with probably 90% of the words and they illustrated it. I wrote what they told me to write, tweaking here and there.
It turned out so cute and GiGi loved it! 

Love this guy. 

Another day, another batch of trash. I believe what we bought for the first batch gave us enough for almost 10 batches! 

We went to a garage sale at some point in late summer/early fall and got Headbanz. We played one day and it is just FUNNY! `

I had gotten a garland craft kit from Target last year in the clearance section. The boys worked hard on it one morning. It is SO cute. Unfortunately, it is not very sturdy so I don't know how long it will last BUT it was fun! 

Someone decided to get COZY! 

This boy....

Aldi had a cute kit for ninjabread gingerbread cookies and the boys and I made them one day. They weren't amazing but they were tasty. The boys had fun decorating and eating! 

I had gotten some chocolate chip brioche from Aldi and we made some fancy French toast with it. AMAZING! It wasn't sugar-free, that's for sure. 

We also played the game of Life one night. Meh, I am still not a fan of it all these years later. 

Looking smug because he won his first game and retired a millionaire! 

Always one of my favorite sights. 

Yep, a little bit of hot chocolate with my whipped cream. 


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